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? asked in Home & GardenDo It Yourself (DIY) · 2 weeks ago

Does a gas oven have the same wires as an electric oven to wire in ?

So can an electric oven go in a kitchen that allows a gas oven ?

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  • ?
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    2 weeks ago
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    No it can't, you need a 240V 40 or 50 amp service for an electric range. A gas one prob ably plugs into any standard 120v outlet.

  • 3 days ago

    MOST kitchens have both gas lines and wiring for electric ranges.

    That said, IF a gas range uses any electric power, it is far less than an electric as it only powers the control board. In the US, an electric range is 240 volts and the gas range would use a 120 volt circuit.

  • 1 week ago

    may be, NO. electric ovens run on 220v and much higher amperage than a gas oven

  • garry
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    1 week ago

    yes but you need an electrician to run new wires to the oven and a plumber to disconnect the gas and seal the pipe .

  • Anonymous
    2 weeks ago

    Yes.  An electric oven can go in the same spot  It is piped for gas so there is the cast iron pipe that is capped until it is hooked up. To check to see if it is leaking, take a drinking cup and put in a squirt of dishwashing Liquid soap and a couple tablespoonsful of water and stir with a  icing brush or an artist paint brush the kids have.   Now brush the threads near the cap.   If it bubbles continuously, then you got a leak and it stinks like rotten eggs.  If it does not leak then the soapy water remains still. If a leaker, then phone the gas utility and have a guy come out and cap it properly. If you have further questions, the gas man is knowledgeable to know the answers to Electrical stuff (as it is all related to the stove) You do not "need" to get closer to the wall.  It is what it is. You will adjust.  The two utilities thought about the other guy.(for once)

    If it is piped for gas then that is an option to  choose.  Most houses I have worked in are wired for an electric stove which again is an OPTION.  In rentals they have the option. To have both types there is not unusual.  Usually there is a plug outlet on the wall with 3 long prong slots(220V).  This is not the normal 110/120V outlet which has 2 slots and a round mouth.  I am pretty certain that for a gas stove it uses 110/120V. Same like computer or vacuum cleaner or TV.

    . If you had to have the gas man come out and close the gas line properly, you can ask about the electrical questions.  He knows his ovens.

      If the electric oven has a 4 prong that is more a dryer type outlet which is 220/240V .  It works too as electricity voltage surges so it is never a steady voltage(just close)  You match your cord to the OUTLET pattern on the wall.

    . You sound unsure.  Let a qualified gas man from the Utility company hook this up for you...just to be safe(not sorry) Or handyman can do what you can do. Don't make simple LIFE complicated when you don't have to.

    The Landlord knows too. Be surprised - but it is his job to see that you are settled in.  He is taking your money in monthly rent. which is enough payment.

  • 2 weeks ago

    generally, NO.  electric ovens run on 220v and much higher amperage than a gas oven [in north america, a gas oven only needs 110v].

  • 2 weeks ago

    You cannot simply exchange a gas oven for an electric one. The electric oven will require 220v wiring, a job for a master electrician. The gas stove connected to a 110v for the clock and ignition, and the gas connection will have to be sealed off properly to avoid leaking gas into the house.

  • Anonymous
    2 weeks ago

    Which country are you in?  If you're in a 120V country, e.g. the US, then no, you'll need a 240V circuit wired in for your electric oven.  If you're in a 220- 240V country, then yes, they use the same outlet, but to check that the circuit can handle another appliance or you'll have to call a spark in to either rejig a circuit to redistribute the load or put in a dedicated circuit.  Putting in a circuit can be easy peasy or a pain depending on the age and layout of your house.  It's usually not a big job.

  • T C
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    2 weeks ago

    Gas stoves require 120 volts ...standard household outlet in USA.

    As for installing an electric oven.... read Jerry's answer.

    I have been in several homes that have had accommodations for both gas and electric. 

    If you have electric also you will have an outlet that looks like ((→ see link))

    If not and you want to pursue the electric (depending on the available space in your panel) you would need to have an electrician run new wiring's not going to be cheap.

  • 2 weeks ago

    "Does a gas oven have the same wires as an electric oven to wire in ?"

    Simple answer is No.  Unless by chance the house was wired in for an electric stove, then the service for a gas stove is nowhere near what's required for an electric stove. 

    In my area, a dedicated 240V - 40A service is required for an electric stove.  A gas stove would only require electricity for control and protection circuits and not for the heating elements, and therefore would not require anything near that level of current.


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