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~DaRk PhOeNiX~ asked in PetsCats · 2 weeks ago

Should I wait to name my kitten until I meet him/her? ?

I’m getting a kitten next week and I’m excited and nervous because it’s my first cat that I’m going to own and first time I’m going to have a pet since moving out of my parents almost 3 years ago. (Parents have 2 dogs for the last 13 years since I was 16) I’m 29 now and want a pet since I get lonely at my apartment. I love dogs but they must be active and I worry that I won’t have time to give it the attention they need. 

I do like cats and from my friends experience they are pretty much independent and require less attention than dogs. Of course I’m going to give it the next attention I can give it. 

Anyways should I wait to name it or start brainstorming now? If so where do I even start I have no idea on names I can choose from 

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    2 weeks ago

    Just raise the cat like you would a human baby.  There's not really much difference except that you don't have to put the cat through college.

  • Anonymous
    2 weeks ago

    Once you pick out the right cat, you’ll figure out a name. When I got my cat I had no intention of getting another cat, but my friend’s cat had kittens and my then bf convinced me to keep one. He was a tiny little grey thing that fit in the palm of my hand. He just looked like a “Smokey” so that’s his name. 

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    2 weeks ago

    Wait till you get her and see what she's like. If you do a search for cat names you will find tons of good suggestions for a name.

    What you could do now is prepare for the kitten. It's going to need a litter box, litter, kitten food, and toys. Kittens are very playful and love toys. Just little things she can bat around and chase. 

  • 2 weeks ago

    In my experience it's been best to get to know the cat before naming it.

    Get acquainted first and see what behaviors and physical characteristics it has.

    From there it is easy to choose a suitable name.


    My cat was a street kitten who I rescued when he was maybe 6-8 weeks old. The first night home with me he wet the bed. For some reason my first thought was, "Trickle-down Economics" and that was the moment he was named Ronald Reagan.

    I call him Ron-Ron, or sometimes "The Gipper."

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