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Why is Yahoo answers shutting down?

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    1 week ago
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    Simple, the questions asked are more and more trollish and the answers are of a similar nature.  When I first came on here not only were the majority of questions actual requests for information but the answers were a factual response to the question.  In addition back then, although fewer, the trolls on here for the most part showed some creativity in their questions while now they simply ask the same version of a question over and over.  I think that things started to go downhill when the voting for best answer was eliminated and given to the asker as that, combined with questions that showed not a quest for knowledge but merely a statement of bias, allowed people to chose something that merely supported their belief even if there were no facts to support it.

  • 7 days ago

    Yahoo Answers is being shut down for the same reason that the very popular Yahoo political forums were shut down last year. Yahoo was getting tired of Republican conservatives exposing Socialist anti American views. The Yahoo Answers is being shut down so that anti American Socialist ideas can not be exposed for what they are.. Political CENSORSHIP pure and simple... just as the Socialist playbook calls for.

  • 1 week ago

    Because the ‘answers’ are just as ridiculous as the ‘questions’ asked?

  • 1 week ago

    Business decision by Yahoo. 

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  • 1 week ago

    Their article stated two reasons

    * People are leaving for Facebook and other competators.

    * all the trolls are an embarrassment. Bad for company image. 

    Mr. Woltz to Tom Hagan: "......and a person in my position can't be made to look ridiculous !!".--Godfather 1972

  • 1 week ago

    Maybe a budget issue. There may be too many Q&A to keep up with for the number of people paid to keep up with them.

  • Wild speculation here is pointless. The public will never be told what led to this decision. No data was forthcoming explaining why comments at the end of articles ended or what efforts, if any, were attempted to improve and restore that aspect. Social media, like society in general, cannot operate without some form of governance because it results in anarchy where rules are created by extremists. 

    Zuckerberg’s proclamation that social media would fix the world by providing a global sense of community has been held up to the light of day for all to see. It is turning formerly socially conscious people into bigoted monsters demanding others to do what they say and the world will be a better place. What do you think is going to happen when those people run elections and put themselves in charge of things?  

  • Facts that disprove and challenge the left’s socialist-totalitarian agenda. Yahoo is a left wing rag of warped opinions. Intelligent, erudite individuals point this out and communist Yahoo must crush truth. 

  • Anonymous
    1 week ago

     Not sure but what did it ever do for anybody? Let’s face it most of us wasted too many hours of our precious lives on this sh*t hole website. And most people just come on here to spread their hatred or psychopathy or argue with people who are never going to change their views in categories like “politics” and “gender studies” (or whatever the hell it’s called) “Religion and spirituality” , “philosophy” etc. Or people go on “mental health” here and are always told the same all thing “you need to go on psychiatric drugs” or “”you’re always coming on here and talking about being suicidal, so why don’t you just just kill yourself” like that user “LAN” is always doing and wonderful things like that. What a bunch of sh*t. A lot of really sick antisocial people on here. Why would you take advice from people who are more f*cked up than you are?Not too many people are coming on here for practical advice on how to fix an automobile or how to invest in the stock market or whatever. So it’s basically just a way for people to waste their time. And I’ve wasted far too many years of my life on this. When I think about all the hours I’ve spent on this sh*t hole , I could’ve learned a musical instrument or another language or volunteered at a soup kitchen or in a homeless shelter or something. Something real. Instead of just being on this stupid phone getting into stupid arguments with stupid people.There’s nothing good about yahoo answers for most of the people who come on  here. It’s a big avoidance mechanism for people who don’t want to face real issues in their lives. I got to level seven which is kind of an embarrassment because it makes me realize just how much of my life I wasted on this sh*t. I’m glad it’s over. Yahoo are typical corporate American sc*mbags anyway. They’re doing away with it because they couldn’t make any money on it. That’s all they care about anyway. Welcome to America.LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  • 1 week ago

    Two words:

    Cost cutting

  • Spend a few minutes here and you see it's 80% idiots and trolls just saying stupid things.. 

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