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Rock Island 22 TCM/9mm 1911 -- 38 Super conversion?

For those who own a Rock Island 22 TCM/9mm 1911, have you tried (or researched about) a 38 Super conversion?

That RIA 1911 already uses 38 Super magazines for both 22 TCM and 9mm; and comes with 22 TCM and 9mm barrels (and appropriate recoil springs).

Would I just need a 38 Super barrel and spring?

And, no, I haven't contacted Rock Island.

I started with Yahoo Answers... considering the 2-week deadline.


Updated 1 week ago:

I finally received a response from Armscor. 

Apparently, the breech face of the RIA 22TCM/9mm is too narrow to fit the rim of the 38 Super (rim diameter = 0.406").  So I asked them about the 38 Super Comp or the 38 Super RL (rim diameters = 0.386").

For reference, the rim diameters of the 9mm case = 0.392" while the 22 TCM (along with its parent case, 5.56x45) = 0.378"

Thanks.  Take care, everyone!

Updated 4 days ago:

Update # 2:

Another reply from Armscor:

"As per our Gunsmith, you cannot use any 38 Super on 22TCM combo pistol.

If you will purchase a 38 Super pistol, you can possibly convert this to 9mm by changing barrel and magazine. Also, you can convert to 22TCM by changing the whole slide assembly.

However, these conversions require a Gunsmith fitting for every change of caliber."

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  • 2 weeks ago
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    It should work.  For a budget barrel, try the swenson barrel at Midwayusa.

    Not sure if a new spring is necessary, but you will also need barrel link and pin.It may require some hand fitting.

  • 2 weeks ago

    Guns are very dangerous. It is sad that Yahoo is over.

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