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Anonymous asked in Social ScienceGender & Women's Studies · 2 weeks ago

Generally speaking, are women better people than men?

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  • 1 week ago

    Is the following list what you would call better people?

    It’s all about a mothers rights, but no fathers rights.

    Women being treated like princesses in prison and men being treated like animals. Female prison guards humiliate and degrade men with strip searches etc, but female prisoners get privacy and respect from male prison guards.

    Bodily choice for women, but forced genital mutilation for boys, referring to women’s rights to their bodies in terms of abortion, but boys being circumcised without choice.

    Female reporters and staff allowed in men’s locker rooms, but privacy and respect for female athletes. This is the definition of feminist equality. Is this an example of the respect that feminists claim MEN don’t have for the opposite sex?

    Its women getting everything in a divorce, and men being torn away from their children

    Female sex offenders being slapped on the wrist, but male sex offenders being incarcerated the rest of their lives

    Its men being sentenced to more time for the same crime than women. This can be researched under the US government and shows that women don’t get held accountable to the level that men do.

    Women having the right to use the men’s room, but a man who walks in to the women’s room is arrested for being disrespectful and perverted. Men use urinals, but that’s still not enough for women to have basic respect for men’s privacy.

    Its a feminized education system that cripples natural behavior of boys, makes being male a crime in school, then girls claiming they are smarter.

    Why is it when two people under the age of consent have sex, only the boy is charged with doing something wrong?

    Its women being allowed to drown five children and using the fact she is a woman to get away with it - Andrea Yates

    Its women being allowed to use domestic violence as an excuse to murder a sleeping husband, even though there is no evidence of domestic abuse - Mary Winkler

    Its the extensive abuse of restraining orders to vilify an innocent man and get leverage in a divorce. A restraining order against a man can be served even without his knowledge or an opportunity to defend himself.

    Its men being jailed for defending themselves against an abusive wife, but called a wimp if he takes the abuse

    Its women demanding respect from men, but never having to respect them in return

    Its women having the choice between abortion, adoption, dropping an unwanted baby off at a hospital, raising the child with a father, or raising the child without a father, but the only choice men have is to agree.

    Its 3 innocent Duke Lacrosse players losing their lives because we don’t ever think a woman could lie about rape - let alone prosecute her for doing so.

    Its women labeling men as abusive when the US government has shown women cause more child abuse than men.

    Its female rape being horrendous, but male rape being funny and made in to comedy movies. Rape is a legally accepted part of the justice system, but only against men.

    Its just about every TV show being allowed to humiliate and degrade men, but women complaining and calling it sexist if they were treated the same.

    It’s more health care spending going towards women’s health than men’s. Breast cancer receives 7 times the funding of prostate cancer. There are three departments of women’s health in the US government, but none for men. However, men live an average of 5 years less than women when the genders used to have the same life span.

    Its allowing women only clubs and banning men only clubs

    It’s doing everything we can to help girls in math and science, but letting boys fall further behind in everything else.

    It’s defining equal pay for equal work as men playing five sets of tennis, but women only playing three. Maybe women claiming 3=5 is the reason for the above point

    Its cutting men’s sports in college in favor of women’s sports that have no interest

    Its female murderers being mentally ill, but male murderers just being evil

    Its claiming men walk out on their family when its actually women who file 80% of divorces

    Its men being portrayed as evil, stupid or buffoons on TV and all women being perfect or superior.

    Its women wanting equality for their gender, but men being called chauvinist pigs when they want equality for their gender

    Its fixing the education system when girls are failing, and blaming the boys when boys are failing

    Its women being allowed to level false accusation against an innocent man without consequence. Read Duke Lacrosse and many other examples. Feminism has installed this right to women through the courts.

    Its a man being a chauvinist, sexist pig when he doesn’t respect women, but a women who doesn’t respect men is an admirable, strong and independent woman. Women remove male role models from their sons' lives, then when their sons behave badly, the women blame "patriarchy."

    Stereotyping girls as inferior to boys in any facet of life is "misogyny"; stereotyping boys as potential batterers and rapists is a public service announcement.

    If a man wants sex more often than his wife is willing to give, he's selfish; if a woman wants sex more often than her husband is willing to give, he's selfish.

    Married men who have affairs are selfish pigs; married women who have affairs are seeking the fulfillment they are not getting in their marriages.

    Women insist their husbands assume the responsibilities of being a full parent, but as soon as a woman files for divorce, he is just an ATM.

    Its feminists not being able to provide one example of legal discrimination against

    women in the US today.

    Reverse the genders in this list - would it make men better to treat women like this?

  • Anonymous
    1 week ago

    As Yahoo Answers winds up its existence, 

    I guess we can expect more and more trolls to post ridiculous questions.   


  • KTJoe
    Lv 7
    1 week ago

    Women use to be innocent, on all accounts, not now, women eat men food, smoke their weed, take their drugs.  A mess I tell you, women even ask men out on dates and pay.

  • 1 week ago

    There is no "generally", but I would submit that the opposite sex will always be that with which one has the most personal conflict.  From what I have seen, women are better at preventative measures, while men are quicker at decisions.  Just one example of the complimentary nature of the sexes.

    To those who say that women are more honest than men, I say, "What a terribly dishonest statement." 

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  • 1 week ago

    I would say they are more honest than men. Men are more likely to experiment with drugs amd engage with wreckless aggressive behaviors than women. Many men would rather kill a woman than see two men love eachother and get married. 

    So in general, men are worse off in character due to the principles of traditional masculinity which confine them to believe they are supposed to be aggressive towards eachother and socially dominant over women.

    The super ego most men are raised with constantly shames them if they do not behave "manly" enough and they will go to great lengths to justify their masculinity. Even if it causes death and destruction.

    Women can be an anoyance and i think they have ugly voices but they also try harder to be more harmonious and cooperative and patient because their traditional role is to raise children. If women were as irresponsible as men they couldnt raise children. 

    Not saying there are no ot exceptions. But women are better as far as character is concerned

  • 1 week ago

    hmmm interesting question. i have noticed that alot of people are under the assumption that women are more empathetic. i have seen this assumption in many situations in life. one example i can give is when my little sittle who was about 5 or 6 kept annoying me so i said "what?" in a annoyed tone and her grandad looked at me like he thought that was rude. Lol so it seems like people always expect women to be sweeter and nicer. people do say there are more male psychopaths than female but its hard to tell

  • 2 weeks ago

    Men and women are just different, Both equally capable of good and bad. Personality is not defined by gender. 

  • Elana
    Lv 7
    2 weeks ago

    When you come up with a consistent measure of the goodness of somebody, go ahead and apply it to the over 8 billion people on this planet and let us know.

    Actually, let us know about your measurement technique before you start because that might actually be useful.  Trying to apply *ANYTHING* to 8 billion people is painful - just ask the people who are trying to vaccinate the planet.

    In the meanwhile, there are clear trends with very specific measurements over different societies, regions and races, but beyond that, any conclusion says more about your biases than anything profound about men or women.

  • 2 weeks ago

    Wow what a stupid question.

    Generally speaking, generally women, or generally men are irrelevant. Only specific people matter - there are plenty of better or worse people from either gender. The real issue becomes what about you- are you better or worse?

  • ?
    Lv 4
    2 weeks ago

    This cannot be answered without a prejudice opinion because there is not enough research to come to an accurate conclusion. Both groups have their flaws and strengths. 

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