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Can somebody help me come up with an idea for a lid to my dads outdoor cooktop table?

So my dad has this table that I divided here in this post and fit is basically a table he made an on the table it has his condiments and a miniature George Foreman sized flat top cover he doesn't like having the big one he used to have that was commercial size so he got rid of it and now has this little tabletop one and it works for him better so he's gonna put the table out on the patio and the little cooktop on top of it in the corner and then have the rest of the space for his condiments on the table and underneath will be his propane tank etc. and I was thinking what about a lid similar to what I just posted along with the pic. Someone created a sloping lid for their Vivariam and I thought that would be great that reminds me of like a grill lid and I thought that would be great something of that nature that's why I provided both pictures because I was thinking table with a hood type lid and I thought maybe you guys could look at the photos and compare but I don't see anything that big big enough for this table or that would be deep enough. it might be something we have to create DIY but he's probably not wanting to DIY he's probably wanting something that's already done and he can just attach I assume. but what are some ideas of places to look is there such a thing that big I know grills have hoods or whatever the lead is called and it's that shape but I don't know of anything like that big enough for this table but that's kinda what I was gonna suggest to him. Any ideas?


I don't know he wants some form of a cover for it just hasn't decided what type. He doesn't know if that means cloth cover or lid or he doesn't know but he wants something big enough for the table. he's pretty smart he can come up with something but he wants a cover nonetheless. Just isn't sure what type of cover. 

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2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    2 weeks ago

    What is the purpose of a lid?  It would only get in the way and that is why there isn't one.  A Walmart plastic box/pan will cover the grill.

  • T C
    Lv 7
    2 weeks ago

    When grills fail ...its the insides that basically are shot. Since we are getting into the grilling season and many people will be buying new ones...and many times they will discard the old ones to the curb for trash. 

    If you can grab one of those and remove the lid you could make that work.

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