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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicMovies · 1 month ago

Why didn't Lovejoy appear at the end of Titanic?

So I watched Titanic for the first time and loved it. So my sister said everyone who appears at the end died on Titanic, that would explain why I didn't see Molly Brown. And Cal survived, so that would explain why he didn't appear at the end.

But what about Lovejoy, he died. Right? That guy with the bloody face when Titanic split, he looked looked like Lovejoy, so I'll assume it was him.

Why didn't he appear at the end if it's suppose to be all the people who died (which why not also include those who are living, then Molly Brown, Ruth and Cal could appear too).

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  • 1 month ago
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    this has been a major beef of mine for some time now. 

    I didn't notice if Lovejoy was among the throng of ghosts standing around to applaud   Rose's return........(probably not, since he was a Villain)....but you're right....he should have been there, since it was implied he died .........but then, you never know.......I suppose Cameron would say that maybe he survived and was one of the passengers picked up, or plucked out of the explain the oversight. 

    But yeahhhhh, wait........if Rose gets to return to the Titanic, then wouldn't EVERYONE  get to return.......and since she was the last living survivor........then wouldn't  everyone be there?  Like Molly Brown, and her mother and all that? 

    and then there's the issue.......why does she get to return to the Titanic, since it was NOT her grave site,  like all the other ghosts. ? 

    and hold on.......wasn't she MARRIED to some schlub, who gave her 2 kids,  and that's why she had a granddaughter to live with? 

    So let me get this married a guy.......had kids,  and kept a million dollar necklace in your pocket the whole time,  while he broke his back supporting your broke a**  his entire life,  paying the mortgage and raising your kids.........and then when you die,  you don't go to HIM,  you go back to some total stranger you knew for all of 3 days? 

    Yeah, wow......imagine the look on the Husbands face, standing there in Heaven, with his arms outstretched.........waiting for her......... and she returned to  JACK after 50 years of marriage...........


    real nice...........

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