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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsSingles & Dating · 1 month ago

Women do you sense when someone loves you, likes you, and when someone is a total creep?

Do you usually know before they say anything? I feel like it is hard to hide my emotions from women they just seem to somehow know. Which is not a bad thing but can be a little embarrassing at times. Sometimes guys are harder at guessing but some can figure me out. Maybe I just can't hide me emotions? 

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    1 month ago
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    Women's intuition is usually right. However there are some of us women, although we might think and intuitively know, we are sometimes afraid "what if" our intuition is incorrect. Kind of like, although rejection is normal, we might not always be comfortable with it or accept it. 

    Lots of times I can sense when someone is going to be a d*ck, or when someone is genuine, or if someone is giving off body language that they are standoffish, or if someone kind of likes me, or if someone will pursue me. 

    Knowing if someone loves you, me or whomever depends on the depth of relationship you have with that individual. But even with that, I can say there are some people that might just enter your life and you can kind of know how you'll always feel about them. You understand, right? Some feelings can not be hidden and are really transparent. 

    Why would it be embarrassing if a woman knows how you feel? Honesty is always good as long as it's delivered with genuine motives. There's so many times that I have absolutely no clue if a man is into me or not. Here I am in my early prime's and I'm unemployed, single, and feel unloved. But that's for another discussion. I like men that show their emotions, in fact I think it's so attractive for some men because it allows us women to know they're human. By emotions I say, laugh, cry. LOVE. What's even better is some humor. Why won't you muster the courage and let her know how you feel?

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    1 month ago

    Yes it’s easy to figure out. Creeps say disgusting things and think they are complimenting when in reality they are being degrading. I can only know if someone loves me when they are in a relationship with me and it feels right. I can tell when a guy genuinely likes me. 

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