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Anonymous asked in Education & ReferenceHomework Help · 1 month ago

HELP ASAP - programming js?

A Local night Club is running a special on drinks. Write a program that calculates the profit of the club for the evening and if the desired profit is reached. Keeping in mind the following:

 The price of a cocktail is the length of its name. If the price of an order is an odd number, there is a 25% discount on the order price.

 Input: You will receive two parameters:

•First – the desired profit of the club-real number in the range [1.00... 15000.00]

•Second - An array of strings and numbers containing a pattern of the following: Name of the cocktail or command “Party!”

The number of cocktails for the order a whole number in the range [1... 50] 

The program will do calculations until the command "Party!" appears in the array or until the desired profit is reached. 


The expected output is a string containing:

•If the command "Party!" is read in before the desired profit is reached:

"We need {money needed} dollars more."

•If the desired profit is reached: "Target acquired." Then print:" 

Club income -{club's profit} dollars."

The money must be formatted to the second digit after the decimal point.


function main(profitDesired, cocktailsAndAmounts){}

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