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Anonymous asked in Education & ReferenceHomework Help · 1 month ago

HELP ASAP - programming js?

It is hot and sunny outside, so your boss decides to organize a workday by the swimming pool. Your task is to write a program that calculates the amount that should be paid for the event. An entrance fee must be paid for by every single person. You should keep in mind that an umbrella is enough for two people. It is known that only 75% of the team wants sunbeds. In the calculation of the number of umbrellas and sunbeds, their number should be rounded up to the nearest integer number.

Input:The input contains 4 numbers:1. First-the number of people. Integer in the interval [1... 100]2. Second-entrance fee. Real number in the interval [0.00... 50.00]3. Third-price for a sunbed. Real number in the interval [0.00... 50.00]4. Fourth-price for one umbrella. Real number in the interval [0.00... 50.00]OutputString -"{total price}dollars."The result must be formatted to the second digit after the decimal point.Function Setupfunction main( numOfPpl, entranceFee, sunbedPrice, umbrellaPrice ){}

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