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How bad would it be to mix 3 caffeine pills and 3 coolers? ?

Could/should I have died? This happened to me some years ago. I wanted to prove that caffeine doesn’t affect me... stupid idea. I then drank 3 coolers and smoked some really good weed. Some time later I started puking over and over, so much stomach acid. My muscles were tensing and relaxing over and over. I don’t know how I managed to walk 40 mins home from the bus station that night. I managed to not wake my parents up. I was in bed again throwing up stomach acid every few mins, so hot and sweaty, hard to breath from throwing up, exhausted, aching, muscles still tightening and relaxing, and my brain kept repeating street names over and over (we had just moved here. It was actually my first time going out). It was awful. 

Wondering how bad it could have been. 

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