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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsSingles & Dating · 1 month ago

signs a couple will break up?

I want to ask a girl out because the regret is killing me. I keep thinking about how it feels hung over me now that I didn't just basically admit that I liked her. She got a new boyfriend about 5 months now. I notice sometimes recently she's been paying attention to me a little more because maybe she knows I am hurt and trying to stay away from her. She feels badly for me, I think, which I guess I am grateful for to an extent that she cares a little bit. But I would just like the opportunity to express my feelings in someway if anyway at all. I feel like I already have but nothing compares to just telling them. So, most of her boyfriend have been cheats/player type in the past and I don't see how this will survive. But so far this is close to the 6 months she had before so I wouldn't be surprised if she is motivated by her past failures and I wouldn't blame her. She has no reason to pursue me other than my own interest it seems but I just can't get over her and need to get it off my chest...?

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  • 1 month ago
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    You confess your feelings for her, especially while she has a bf and you're handing her all the power while leaving you in a very weak position.


    Girls are not attracted to weakness, you absolutely don't want her feeling sorry for you, you want her to be attracted to you.


    Work on getting more confident and stronger(physically, emotionally, financially, intellectually, etc..), keep your distance and take on more of a "look what you're missing" strut when you do see her and observe if she treats you any differently.

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