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Cora asked in Beauty & StyleHair · 1 month ago

Best way to bleach short hair so your scalp doesn’t burn?

I currently have a buzz cut that I normally shave down to 3 mm every two to four weeks. I really want to start bleaching and dying my hair during those weeks that it’s longer, I never dyed my hair when it was long because I was worried about damage but now I get a fresh slate every month. However, since my hair is so short, I worry about bleach burning my scalp. I was wondering if any professional stylists or at home experts could recommend the best method to bleaching hair this length? I was also wondering about what strength bleach would be best? I have very dark brown hair, so I had been planning on 30-40, but should I go with a weaker bleach given how close it will be to my skin? 

1 Answer

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    1 month ago

    If you KNOW bleach will burn, why would you use such a substance on your own body? Lol.

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