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Question About VAC Ban for Steam?


I am upgrading from console to a PC and I want to purchase a Steam account from a person through a secured middleman, primarily just to play one game (Dead By Daylight). 

The person I wish to purchase from has a VAC ban on their account. They say it’s from CSGO, which is a completely different game. They were able to verify this through screenshots they sent me.

My question is, how can I be sure that this VAC ban won’t affect my gaming on the other game, Dead By Daylight.

Is there anything else I should know about VAC bans? I’m sorry if I sound like a noob but I’m completely new to PC.

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  • 1 month ago
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    I must offer EXTREME CAUTION in buying another person's Steam account as not only it's a massive violation of Steam's policies (EULA, TOS & AUP) & violations of the game's EULA's, it very shady as the original owner could either try to recover their account some time later.  Other issues that can occur are:

    * Issue with Account Reputation -- The original owner could have been a massive cheating jerk, who pissed off the general community & the developers of the game.  The seller is just trying to pawn off their "persona non grata" to some gullible smuck.

    * Issue with Regional Restrictions -- Some games on Steam are restricted by region, either due to content within the game not complying with that country or regional standards OR there's a significant price difference in order to make the games affordable in that area (making it a massive deal for those who would take the hassle of "exporting" the game out of that region).  Games with regional restrictions can only be played if the PC is connected to an IP address in said region.  While this can be bypassed with VPN services, you would have to use that service EVERY TIME you wanted to play that restricted game & it could restrict access to games purchased outside the region.

    This "account reputation" does come to a head here in regards to Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) bans.  VAC bans are 100% automatically controlled by the system, which is why there's NO APPEAL SYSTEM for it & the only appeals occur if the developers notice a bug in said system (which they repeal the bans on the affected users automatically).

    In the account in question, the VAC bans apply typically to JUST apply to the game in question.  The only time this goes further is with some of Valve's games, where getting VAC banned in one can affect other games.  This includes:

    * Source Engine games -- CS: Source, Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, Day of Defeat: Source & Team Fortress 2

    * Gold Source Engine games -- CS, Condition Zero, Ricochet, Day of Defeat, Team Fortress Classic, Half-Life: Deathmatch & Deathmatch

    If you get a VAC ban in one of those games in the list, the ban gets applied to ALL of them.  For CS:GO, the VAC ban will be restricted to JUST that game.

    For games where you have received a VAC ban, the following restrictions will be imposed upon you:

    * You will lose access to all VAC-enforced servers -- This will practically prevent you from accessing the majority all online public servers, ESPECIALLY the tournament-level servers.  You can still access servers that aren't VAC-secured, but be warned of the high potential of cheaters as a result.

    * You lose access to share the game with others through the Family Library system

    * You lose the ability to sell or trade in-game items through Steam marketplace & inventory. -- You can still buy in-game items in the marketplace, but that's it.  You're stuck with any unwanted items for that game.  I will note that the Steam marketplace typically deals with cosmetic items (like character clothing) that may doesn't necessarily affect the game.

    * You lose the ability to gift the game to others. -- This was previous used as a method to bypass VAC bans in the past.

    * You lose access to post anything to the community hub for that game (pictures, videos, guides, workshop items, ect.)

    * You cannot vote on any workshop items for that game.

    I MUST note that VAC bans do have some "Guilt by Association" mechanics built-in.

    * All accounts using the same cell number will receive the same ban at the time the VAC ban is incurred.

    * Any VAC bans incurred on a shared game via the Family Library system will be applied to BOTH the original user (who triggered the ban) & the owner of the game (for providing access to the user that received the ban) -- VAC bans in this case can result in getting the Family Library feature revoked on a user.

    AS A RESULT, you're better off NOT buy another users account as you don't know what "unwanted surprises" may be lurking with the account.  If you want more information about Valve Anti-Cheat & what a VAC ban officially affects, visit the source links below.

  • 1 month ago

    It shouldn't effect other games, no.

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