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Should I forget about her?

There is this girl who I met about 6 years ago at this job that we used to work at. Although we talked here and there I developed a crush on her. Years go by and I find her on facebook so I sent her a request. She was in a relationship at the  time but it didn't bother me so I sent one anyways she accepted it and I messaged her. We talked for a bit and she called me a cutie at the end. A couple months go by and I see that we're not friends on facebook which confused me. I sent her a request and I see that she denied the request. A year goes by and I sent her another one which she also denied as well. I ignored it until I seen her profile again on the friends suggestions. I seen that she is now single and I was wondering if I should send her another request. Should I do it or just forget about her? 

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