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Is it a betrayal of daylight, if Kremlin officials aren't allowed to support the idea, that morning adopting evening and vice versa is art?

I feel lucky, to have come up with this question at this point in time - after a number of years, I've come up with far too many questions, but time it seems is still on my side

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    1 month ago

    One cannot betray daylight, as it has no feelings to be betrayed.


    I fail to see what your question seeking information is, or why it's in the Yahoo Answers subcategory.

  • 1 month ago

    What the Kremlin and Russia or China do with daylight saving time in their country is their business. You haven't asked a legitimate knowledge seeking question. You made a rant and a statement that, ironically, is timely. The USA goes into DST at 2 am local time next Sunday morning. 

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