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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicOther - Entertainment · 1 month ago

Do I need to be in a fandom in order to make Original Characters out of it?

-Long paragraph, I'm sorry.

I mean, I'm not in any fandom. I'm by myself and personally don't associate with fandoms. They make me feel so excluded. I hate how people come up with rule34 and the like to add their fantasies especially when the fandoms are mostly filled with a younger audience. It's sad and sickening to me. I know to stay away from that, but the fandom dies because people put defiling things on that and make the fandom unclean. It makes me feel like I need a shower and bathe in bleach.I would need to take out my eyes, ears, and mouth. Anyway, I have O.Cs in multiple cartoons I watch. Then, I recreate my own characters from them, but I don't necessary base it off the show although sometimes I do when I make my fanart or fanfiction (rare).It's that I don't want to associate with those kinds of things anymore. I still watch the shows WITHOUT saying I'm apart of the fandom or even being in it.

The only fandoms I've been were the ones I grew up with as a young girl.

I sold them when I got older. I got rid of them, but I still watched MVs and PMVs / edits and continued watching the shows and got to know the characters better, but I didn't have to always buy merch. or even clothing nor cosplay, but I rather be outside of it. It's too baffling to me to even be apart of a fandom. There is so much gossip and drama. It can be entertaining, but it's not really worth it especially when there are MAJOR disagreements. Pardon for my words that sound like ranting.

I'm curious.


Readdressing my question: Do I need to be in a fandom in order to make Original Characters out of it or no? I'm not in a fandom, but I make art from the cartoons and shows I see without having to know everything about them. I make my own O.Cs and give them personality, etc. I don't like associating with something that i don't need in my life. Thanks. Video and online games count at this point, too.

Update 2:

I don't like associating with something that I don't need in my life* (correction edit)

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