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Name this film please?

The big climax scene is the male detective walks into a building and something drips on him, he looks up and see's a woman hanging from the ceiling and runs up to the balcony section where a woman with a gun meets him, she has another woman bound and gagged behind her: The male detectives partner, and the woman detectives chair is holding onto the rope connecting to the other woman hanging from the ceiling so its a trap. The woman with the gun tells him to stop and she pistol whips the woman detective. The man detective negotiates with her and then suddenly says "You have an FBI agent holding a gun aiming at your head" the woman with the gun is not phased by this and aims to take her shot and then the aforementioned FBI agent shoots her in the head and she falls off the balcony, the other two women she was holding captive are released. I think the woman with the gun was the serial killers lawyer helping him, because the male detective then is on the phone with someone in jail who I assume to be the killer and he says something like "You've got 29 seconds to live" and then chucks the cell phone away. I assume now this means the killer was on death row. Then the camera moves to the male detectives face and he remembers his daughter flying a pink kite, i think she was a victim of the killer. I never knew the name of the movie and only saw these scenes because I looked away at the more violent ones. Does anyone recognize these plotlines or scenarios or know this film? 

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    88 Minutes (2007)

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