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Hi I would like to ask a couple of questions for my daughter please - Birthdate 22 April 1975 Dandenong Victoria Australia?

She wants to know if she will be getting a new higher paying job anytime soon, and if she will be moving to another area and if so will this be of benefit to her children with a new school. Money has been an issue so she is hoping this will improve...


Time 5:12pm

5 Answers

  • Janet
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    “All anyone can see in a birth chart are tendencies that will become facts if the person does not do something to alter them.” (Isabel M Hickey)

    Astrology can be very useful as a starting point for what goes on inside of us. 

    But since it is only an influence, and that influence is only on what goes on inside of us, astrology cannot predict external events .. except maybe external events that WE control and make happen.

    What you are asking is outside the realm of astrology and only those eager for your money will try to predict the future. The future depends partly on the choices we make today .. and partially on things we have no control over.  

    I wish the best for your daughter.  As a mother myself, I understand how worried we can be over our grown children.  Be well.

    Source(s): Professionally-certified astrologer (P.M.A.F.A. from the American Federation of Astrology) with 40 years' experience before I retired.
  • lala
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Yes  this year everything should change 

    Money will come back in her life 

  • GibBas
    Lv 4
    1 month ago

    Astrology can't predict what will happen but it can highlight some areas of life that "may" need attending to if they're let slip eg, As for a direct answer to your question, first of all there must be a time of birth and as you're the mother maybe you have a rough idea at least because without that all you can see is how all of the planets get on with each other, except for the Moon because that moves 12 degrees thru' the day. What you can see from her chart is she's likely to be an extremely independent type of person and even have a loathing of authority, capable of being very rebellious even. Her Sun is opposed by Uranus and her Moon may be opposed by Mars if she was born before about 5 pm and that could enable her to have a very protective kind of instinct and lead her into emotional conflict so the houses her Moon and Mars are in will show "possible" areas of where conflict is likely to arise if she lets it, The houses her Sun and Uranus are in are also helpful to know for similar reasons and especially as her Moon may be in conflict with her Mars, (this is about nurturing others especially). Her Mars is square to Neptune and that can lead to confusion as to what action "to" take and when she does and does not need to maybe.          Born at 5.12pm. ------

    Pages could be written about this so to be brief as possible, something which is relevant could be an aspect formation, (among other aspect formations she has), known as a T-square consisting of 3 planets, Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn, and these form a triangle when connected together in the chart. Pluto and Jupiter are opposed to each other at the bottom of the triangle and both are then square to Saturn at the top which is the focus of the planets symbolic energies. Saturn is very strong in the chart and her life because of this and also because it sits on a point known as the MC, (cusp of 10th house of career etc), although it is in the sign of Cancer. (An important point to make here is these 3 planets would have formed this formation for quite a while, timewise, so everyone born around this time will have this in their charts but the houses they're in will be different but even so, they still influence your daughter).

    Your daughter is likely to be very security conscious, capable of clinging to the past and creating some very rigid boundaries in order to protect her loved ones while needing to be seen as strong, solid and enduring. Career, status and home could need to be seen as socially acceptable as well but because of the placements she has it's important to realise these will only come by "sticking at it" and not looking for short cuts to achieve things because in the long run, that's not usually the way she'll achieve them. Saturn's position in her chart shows you also have had a very strong influence on her, (MC and 10th house is also about the mother in a chart) so it is important you always advise her, ("when asked"), in a positive and realistic way and by the sound of it she does need it now.

    Pluto is in her 12th house, which is about the subconscious mind and where we can be our own worst enemy. It may be at times she realises, or sees, what power or influence she does have on things so when changes are coming she starts to fret and worry about losing what she already has and what it may do to her loved ones, even maybe suffering from anxiety. Looking at it in a positive way though, she is actually capable of turning a crisis into something really productive. Opposed to Jupiter, all this is expanded or amplified, so maybe she can be really ruthless if needed and especially if she feels inadequate.

    All this fights against Saturn's needs for your daughter to be disciplined etc. so maybe now at the moment, she feels she's losing control, or finds it hard to accept any limitations imposed on her at the moment. Taking gambles etc probably is not right for her if she's looking for a quick fix to anything because she may be looking for ways to empower herself because of her own sense of inadequacy at the moment. If this is the case it's important for her to be steadfast and resolute in all things to do with her home and family --- the opposition point to Saturn in her chart which is he 4th house on the sign of Capricorn.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    So why isn’t she going to a professional astrologer? Thousands are online and all must be superior to us.

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  • 1 month ago

    If she needs YOU to ask, she won't be EARNING minimum wage.

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