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Anonymous asked in Society & CultureMythology & Folklore · 1 month ago

What manner of mythical beast was Grendel?

7 Answers

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

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  • 1 month ago

    Grendel was a Mermaid, the same as his Father.

  • JimZ
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Eaters of the Dead by Michael Crichton (made into the movie The 13th Warrior) was about Grendel.  His book implied Grendel was a Neanderthal.  The book was way more interesting than the movie.  

  • 1 month ago

    Far as I know, he was the green dragon who guarded the yellow castle in Adventure.

    It was 1980, Atari ruled the home video game world, and the game's main character was a simple square on the screen.  It was super-advanced for its time.

    Grendel, the slowest of the three dragons, could be killed with a magic sword that looked like this ---> and only pointed in one direction.  Not one direction at a time, just one direction.  But you couldn't get too cocky with the sword when you had it, because the magic bat could fly in and steal your sword at any time.

  • 1 month ago

    Part of the debate revolves around what is known, namely the descent from the biblical Cain (who was the first murderer, according to the Abrahamic religions). For some scholars, this descent links Grendel to the monsters and giants of the Cain tradition. A millennia-old explanation for Cain being capable of murder is that he may have been the offspring of a fallen angel or Satan himself, rather than being from Adam.

  • Craig
    Lv 6
    1 month ago

    Grendel was the son of his mother presumably by some father, but the ancient Skaldic poem in Old English doesn't say anything about his father.  We DO know a very little about Grendel's mother.  

    She's only described by three words in Old English, and we don't know what two of them meant, exactly.  The first is "modor", which is clearly "mother".  Of the other two, one seems to be connected (sorta) to the sort of creatures that the Norse called the "Valkyrie" (or "Valor-choosers", if you will) who picked which of those killed in battle would accompany them back to Valhalla.  They were spirit beings that fulfilled a vital role, directly at Odin's behest.

    The second one seems to be a noun that is used to describe, well...super-bad-asses.  (Like that one guy in the biker gang who can beat, and has beaten, twenty other bikers all by himself, and at the same time!)  It seems to imply a strength and skill more than human, and also a ferocity or murderous hostility barely harnessed.  This noun is used in the feminine form, to describe Grendel's mom.

    The poem also links Grendel (and by extension, his mother) to Cain, from the Torah.  It suggests that all evil creatures are descended from Cain and are heir to his curse - and describes these with words we would equate with "monsters", or "demons".  (By the 700s, when the skaldic poem was translated into Old English and first written down - so far as we know - the transcribers were Christian even though most Scandinavians weren't, yet.)

    So the dude's mother was a likely a spirit being and also a super-bad-***.  We have to presume that his mother's ferocity and murderous hostility were handed down to Grendel, along with the almost supernatural ability to handle a oneself in a scrap.  Did that make them monsters or demons?

    Demons are said to be pawns of Satan, used for the hurt of men's souls.  Clearly that's not what the poem is about, so we can rule that out.  What's a "monster"?  Well, upon seeing the aforementioned biker-brawler, we might whisper to our friend "Did you see that monster?"  And we might whisper the same if we saw Beowulf.  But that's not really what makes a monster.  

    A monster is harmful to people due to its nature - it eats them or tears them limb from limb or stomps them...but it's only doing what fear or hunger tell it to do.  And that's not what's going on in the poem, either.  Although Grendel might be said to be monstrous because he was reacting uncontrollably to Hrothgar's noisy celebrations, the poem goes out of its way to show cause-and-effect...not simply animal-like reflex.  And certainly his mother was acting as any lady of the day might - attempting to satisfy a blood debt against her son's killer - hardly a monster, there.  True, she did kill Hrothgar's good comrade, but maybe she mistook him for Beowulf rather than just slaughtered him without reason.  (Hrothgar is believed to a have been a real king in the 500s.) 

    So, not monsters.  Not demons.  She - a spirit-being.  He - seemingly of flesh, on his father's side.  His mother wouldn't have been overpowered by his father, but should could have been attracted, or she could have been covetous of something the father promised.  This would have been unlikely for a human, or elf, or dwarf, (almost certainly not a troll) but quite plausible for a jǫtunn.  Little is known for certain about them except they are/were potent beings who pre-date Odin.  It's possible that Grendel's fleshiness was the contribution of a jǫtunn father.  It's clear he didn't inherit his mother's ethereality, nor her judgment or moral sense - but then we don't know much about the jǫtunn, at all. 

  • 1 month ago

    Grendel is/was not a beast identifiable by any other word.

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