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What's the best team for pokemon between gen 1 and 3 ?

Doing a battle with my cousin what would be the best gen 1 to gen 3 team I can make that in y'alls opinion. 

1 Answer

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    Lv 4
    1 month ago

    Honestly there is no "best team." It's what ever you have that's strong and can be used skillfully. Back when I played Crystal, I had a bunch of pokémon that were all capable of solo'ing the entire Elite Four, but were also all level 100 due to the constant battling. I had a Scyther whose moves were: Slash, Wing Attack, Double Team and Sword Dance. I simply started off using Double Team a few times, then Sword Dance until the attack power was maxed and Slash would become a one hit kill on Bruno's Onyx and Lance's pokemon.

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