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Gases and transition between states?

1)A tank of nitrogen contains 1.5 lbs of N₂ at a temperature of 50℃ and 100 atm pressure. What is the volume of cylinder? 

My answer is 4.45 litter. Is this answer correct?

2)Dry air was bubbled through water at 25℃ and 100 atm pressure so that it became saturated with water vapour. Ten litters of  "wet" air at 25℃ and 1.00 atm pressure were then passed through a calcium chloride tube(water-absorbing tube) which increased in weight by 0.2304 g.

a) What is the vapour pressure of water at 25℃?

b) What is the volume of the dry air at 25℃ and 1.00 atm pressure after removal of water vapour?

 How to answer 2)a and  2)b ?


Answers :-

My  answer to first question is correct.Answer to second question is given below:-2a)Pressure of water vapour = gRT/MV                                              = (0.0128 mol × 8.314472J/mol.K × 298 K)/10L                                              = 0.03128 atm. 0.03128 atm ×760 torr/atm = 23.8 torr.2b) Pressure of dry air = 760 torr -23.8 torr = 736 torr. 10 L × 736 torr/ 760 torr = 9.68 Litter.

Update 2:

Answer 2)a= 23.8 torr. 2)b= 9.68 Litters.

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    Please show us your work, so we can assist you

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