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Anonymous asked in Cars & TransportationAircraft · 1 month ago

Is the DA-40 easier to fly than the SR-20?

A pilot said the SR-20 and the SR-22 are faster and more dynamic but the DA-40 is more stable and easier to fly. Is it true?

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  • John
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    1 month ago
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    The DA-40 flies much like the DA-20 2-seat trainer does - gentle and stable. Although the wing loading of the SR-20 is not much more than the DA-40 (22 vs 18 lb/ft2), the SR-20 is designed to fly fast. It's trickier in the stall than the DA-40 which is almost a non-event. Good landings in the SR-20 require more precision than in a DA-40 and the faster speed of the SR-20 means staying ahead of the airplane requires more attention.

  • ?
    Lv 5
    1 month ago

    Never flown the SR-20, but a friend delivered a DA-40 from the Factory to Vancouver, CANADA and I went along for the ride and got some seat time of the type.

    I liked it. Not an extremely fast airplane but a helluva lot more comfortable than my old Cessna 180 ever was. If you're going to fly in one make sure you have a really good pair of non-polarized sun glasses. The cockpit has a lot of glass area and the instruments are near impossible to read with Polarized glasses.

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