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Anonymous asked in Education & ReferencePrimary & Secondary Education · 1 month ago

Should the grading system be gotten rid of?

I graduated 2019 and I think so. It really does give the school more of a reason to judge students and really I do believe the grading system is sexist towards boys. We do expect more out of men while women with lower grades are treated more softer. I went to school with a woman who pretty much failed some of her classes and yeah I did feel teachers were easy on her I graduated with a GPA of a 2.8 but I did pass all my classes but I was treated awful by teachers. I really was a hard worker in school but very underappreciated. I have also found that after graduating I've learned more than being in high school in just a short amount of time. Given my interest resides in Formula 1 but I have actually learned more in stuff I'm interested in since graduating high school and pretty much left all I learned in high school. And yes I have listen to some conservative media I've felt that schools do discriminate against boys and I actually did have my first experience of blatant sex discrimination in the 1st grade. During recess we played like elemanation tag and pretended to be zombies I think the problem was we pretended to shoot each other. Now when we went back inside our teacher told the girls they could play with the toys in the back while the boys got told it was wrong. I asked the teacher why aren't the girls being punished even though they were involved as well. Teacher said something like boys are more likely like that.


But my bigger point on the grading system is that giving students work really makes it harder for them to find their own interest. I think schools should be changed to be more free and less judgmental. More about what the person wants rather than what the state wants.

Update 2:

I do think it should be like primary education and then you go and learn about yourself and what you want.

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  • Sandy
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    the grading system allows the school to know, not just how the student is doing, but how the school administration is doing with the curriculum. the schools get a ton of money from the gov't and the state. so they have a lot of say-so about what books and classes are taught. IMHO liberal academia is spending too much time teaching (brainwashing) socialism, global warming and gender assignment instead of STEM. 

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