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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsSingles & Dating · 1 month ago

am i wrong to stop talking to them?

I think I was being disingenuous from the start because I felt like she just wasn't interested in me. I was kind of trying to make her attracted to me in whatever ways i could. As time passed not accepting that she wasn't it became disingenuous with how I would communicate with her when I get the chance. Sometimes it seems like she would enjoy my company then other times she'd rather not bother talking to me. It got exhausting trying to make something happen and I got upset because she would never directly tell me she just didn't like me. It was always in an indirect way or by talking about her love life around me/to me. This started to hurt me further because she knows how I feel and I have to witness all the guys she speaks to instead of me feeling a pain every time she walks in the room. I get teary and I can't help it so I've decided to distance myself entirely. I understand I was wrong in being disingenuous but I was scared and had no balls to ask her out because most women show zero signs of ever wanting to date me. So instead of building a report as I would think I am doing that's sort of how it becomes overtime. I noticed since distancing myself she's been trying to say hello to me more or look at me passing by or ask me for something. But again, I just feel used for her own gratification. She talks to a lot of other good looking men who she prefers and probably has feelings for her. But it feels more brutally painful while she knows how I feel you know? 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago
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    Good @ you ignoring her. 

    Its how its supposed to be. And Ill explain why.


    1. Youre clingy and she needs space. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

    2. Your dialogue indicates youre whining. You never ever ever come off like youre whining. Girls sense this and it is a turn off.

    3. 🥴😊 Im willing to bet she likes you too. But not your clinginess. Keep ignoring her and see what she does. I bet if you do it longer, she'll ask YOU out. 

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