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Spyro asked in SportsWrestling · 1 month ago

Who are the top 10 best female wrestlers in the world today?

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    1 month ago
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    This took some thinking a lot of honorable mentioning, and I'd still say this list is contestable.  For that reason I'm starting with some Honorable Mentions:

    -HM: Serena Deeb, Deonna Purrazzo, Thunder Rosa, Sara Amato, Becky Lynch


    10. Giulia: I put her so low only because I've seen very little of her, but what I have seen has been impressive.  She showed up in World Wonder Ring Stardom and changed the entire outlook and landscape of the place over night.  I'd like to see more of her and see her tested out more in front of a crowd before I rank higher though.


    9. AZM: AZM is also very low on my ten list, but deserves the spot regardless.  She's a prodigy, one of the best Stardom has, and I'm not sure if she's even 18 years old yet.  The scary part is that she has a high ceiling for growth if she can stay healthy and not end up retired by 25 like so many young joshi have been.==============8. Mayu Iwatani: Mayu has been the cornerstone of Stardom since the exodus of Io, Kairi, Kagetsu, and Asuka.  She's become their standard, and if Kagetsu hadn't retired she'd arguably be taking Mayu's place on this list or bumping those below her off.==============7. Candice LeRae: This is where the list becomes WWE-centric, as it should because WWE is housing some of the best female wrestlers on the planet, and with the likes of Xia Li and Raquel Gonzalez in the wings, don't seem to be slowing down in their talented female output.  The whole reason Sara Amato is on the HM list, despite being inactive in wrestling for over a decade now, is because she's training this roster.  Anyway, back to Candice.  She's a rounder in the ring, charismatic and versatile on the microphone, and far better at being a heel than I ever would have imagined.  ============6. Sasha Banks: Despite my past misgivings on her being inconsistent in the ring and my general bemoaning of her cadence when she speaks, I can't deny that Sasha has tightened up her in-ring game over the past year.  She's also attaining a level of crossover fame with appearances on Mandelorian and even had a song written about her by The Mountain Goats.  She's a star and a great wrestler.


    5.  Bianca Belair: She's great on the microphone, a natural athlete, and took to wrestling like a fish to water.  She also has this tendency to surprise me with rarely done spots that make me remember 'oh hey, Bianca can do a standing shooting star press' or 'wow, I forgot she was strong enough to gorilla press another woman'.  She'll be a future female headliner if WWE doesn't screw up her trajectory with bad booking or pairing her off with Street Profits.============

    4. Charlotte Flair: I know, I know, get the boos out of your system.  Strip away the over pushed booking and over reliance of her legacy in wrestling for two seconds and recognize the athlete.  As much as I love Ric Flair, I really wish Charlotte would get out from under his shadow and pave her own path because she can wrestle a great match, cut a great promo, and look like a headliner doing it.============3. Io Shirai: Io has been the backbone of NXT's women's division in it's regeneration period.  She's beaten every woman on the roster, and even managed to technically beat Charlotte Flair and get a compliment out of her in a candid interview in the process.  Many have marked her as being one of the best female wrestlers in the world for nearly a decade now, and it's getting harder and harder to argue against that assessment.============2. Meiko Satomura: Many have marked Meiko as a roster legitimizer and the matriarch of josh over the past decade, and with her entry into the shallow NXT UK division and subsequent loss to Kay Lee Ray, it's hard to argue that she's all of those things.  I still want to see her square up with WALTER to be honest.  Would be a stiff match.  ===========1. No shocker here when I say number one is Asuka.  She carried Raw through the pandemic and might be one of the best wrestlers in WWE today regardless of gender.  She's even trained up someone that I think will be a future inhabitant of this list in Stardom's own Konami.  The woman's a trendsetter.  I honestly wonder if there would be a place in WWE for the likes of Meiko, Io, or Kairi if it weren't for Asuka's success.  

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    I'm going with 10 biggest dudes claiming to be transgender.

    My money is on them kicking the @#$& out the women in wrestling.

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