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if you think someones playing rap music to intimidate you, how should you react?

i'm a man in my 40s with ptsd and other anxiety disorders and last week i was returning home to my flat from a few errands, on my way back, i had to cross a road near where i live, and was waiting at the traffic lights first.....and there was this car beside me, on the road next to me blasting out loud obscene- aggressive rap music, i didn't glance at the car or jeep to see who was driving it......but i felt intimidated and anxious, panicked about it....and i took it personal?

me, i'm bald, white, 6ft 1 and i was wearing my black hoodie with it pulled up...i have a thick tache/moustache and was just trying to concentrate on the road in front of me and where i was going.....but i did feel intimidated by that car pumping out the rap music....and i hate rap to begin with.....and i avoid most blacks because ive had harassment from them in my distant past...........when the traffic lights turned to green i walked on and ignored the car playing the rap music and did not look back......but i did think strongly whoever was in that car was trying to intimidate me...and i felt on edge.

any thoughts on this?

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago
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    You’re clearly racist. You don’t have to like rap music, but the fact that you automatically assumed the person listening to it was black, and that just because you had a problem with a black person before means that all black people might be dangerous. And how is rap music intimidating? I dislike country and opera, but I don’t find either one intimidating. It’s just music. Rap music is pretty mainstream. If you’re intimidated by hearing it played loudly, I suggest you just stay home. You’re a grown man that’s afraid of music. If you are intimidated by rap, that’s entirely your problem. Nobody would ever purposely play music to intimidate you because no sane person would expect a simple thing like playing music to have that effect on someone. You’re either racist and paranoid, or completely fûcking nuts. Or maybe you’re just a troll. 

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