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(For educators) What is the value of what a GED tests to a student who is not going to college?

Hi. I'm studying to be an educator and the biggest thing I've learned is that what you're teaching needs to be relevant to the student. And if it is not relevant but they are mandated to learn it, help the student understand why they are mandated to learn it and how it relates to their goals.

I am helping someone get their GED. They want to work as a hair stylist or work in cosmetics. They do not understand why they must know science and math. It simply has nothing to do with their goals. I am wanting to help them understand why it is important but I can't. Why do we force people to learn concepts like negative numbers, algebra, chemistry, physics, etc. if it does not apply them?

I understand that our education system is broken, but there must be a reason that we decided that THIS is the stuff people should know. Can anyone help me to inspire motivation in my friend?

P.S. I get that they need to know basic math, but why is squaring a number, or finding x, etc. important?

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  • 1 month ago
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    jobs like evidence that a potential hire can actually think and be useful in the workplace

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