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Anonymous asked in Beauty & StyleHair · 1 month ago

Chances of me going bald ?

My father started losing his age at 25 (I’m 24) and went fully bald by age 28-29. Since I’m nearing that age I’m started to ponder. My father’s side has some cases of hair loss, his mother also had hair loss but her other son (my uncle) did not have such a problem. 

My mother’s side is completely different - on both sides of her family people have heads full of hair, even older men on my mother’s side have hair density of an average 30 year old. 

I’m curious to see how I will end up as from what I know genetics is the major factor that determines hair loss. 

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Classic male pattern baldness is genetic however it comes from your mother's side of the family. Even if you look exactly like your dad's twin the baldness gene comes from mom. If her dad has flowing tresses that would make Rapunzel jealous then you should keep most of your hair. There are other causes of hair loss  but the George Costanza extended forehead isn't likely. 

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