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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsMarriage & Divorce · 1 month ago

Is my husband at wrong or am I ? What should I do? ?

My husband has had alcohol addiction & more. I thought it was a weekend thing. After our marriage it was daily. Quitting was not an option for him. He never caused any problems until he let go of the cannabis for Meth. I was not aware of that until he had gotten Meth Psychosis ( it was hell) He did not accept any help

so I left him for the sake of our children (2 kids). After 6 months clean I gave him another chance. 

Last year due to Covid we had to move in with our in laws since we couldn't afford our rent any longer. It's been almost a  year renting with his parents. 3months ago his brother had the same situation So my in laws took him in and his gf. But my in laws created a bedroom in the living room for themselves. His brother & gf are now in what used to be my in-laws bedroom. My husband began to use a vape (cannabis) with his brother & beers every day he is off. My in-laws has told them both to stop but they don't. My husband does not have a good bonding with his parents.They partied a lot as he had to take care of  younger siblings. He has a lot of resentment towards his parents. My inlaws are tired and want us to move out. I told him I'm scared that his falling back into his old habits. And  it's a good thing that his parents want us to go because he needs to gain more responsibility & be grateful to they let us stay here. He got mad & said that he is no longer speaking to them & will move out. & I don't need to tell him his wrongs so I can leave if I don't like it.

3 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    Oh no girl, that dude is wrong, he needs to get a job and be responsible. 

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    1 month ago

    You already know what you should do, 

    and don't really need total strangers to 

    tell you this. It is obvious where this is 

    headed. You need to do whatever will 

    be safest for your children. 

  • 1 month ago

    You are asking us to assign blame? How about we address facts instead. The fact is that you and your husband and your kids have overstayed your welcome and have become quite a drain on his folks and they believe it's the other son's turn because your family has been there for a LONG TIME and don't have a plan to leave. When you address this with your spouse, he, basically, says what you do is your business and what he'll decide to do is his. None of this sounds like a "who's wrong" issue at all. More like a "how to survive a sinking ship" experience. Way too late to focus on what made the ship sink! It's survival mode now! Everybody swim! 

    He's falling back into his old habits. He's getting wasted when he and his family have no secured roof over their head or an income to support them. Are there enough adults in the home who function for you to get yourself a full time job right now with your kids being supervised(?) and tell your MIL you "get it" but your husband insisted he had it handled and, well, you wish to respect him but you also have a great deal of respect for her and will do everything in YOUR power to get situated to move out asap. Seek funds from other sources. Your husband no longer seems reliable at all. If he ever was. 

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