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Anonymous asked in Computers & InternetHardwareDesktops · 1 month ago

I own a dead persons iMac?

I was shopping at a goodwill when an employee noticed me looking at some electronics and asked me if I'd be interested in an old iMac G3, they had in the back, he showed me it working and I bought it for cheap. After getting it home I discovered that the original owner was deceased and had been for quite awhile. There are pictures and videos, as well as files that were added to the computer after their passing consisting of the disease she was suffering from that ultimately took her life as well as a pastor speaking about thier thoughts on ministering her, I even discovered the location as to where it came from and found that her parents had passed as well, though much later, which would explain how it ended up at a goodwill.

I mean no harm by looking through the files nor do I intend to post them to any part of the internet or use them to gain anything. I can't even wipe the computer because its password protected, it just automatically logs in when it boots up.

I ask this question because it feels sort of strange to own it and wrong of me to wipe the drive. Even though it is password protected I can certainly still wipe the drive without issue, but it feels wrong to. Like this is all that remains of the original owner, a perfectly preserved memory.


I give my word that it is indeed password protected, at least to the point where I go to wipe the drive, it asks me for the password and the password hint is the last 4 digits of that persons social which I have no way of knowing or guessing. I don't think I have any legitimate reason to lie about an old random computer I got at goodwill for barely 30 bucks to a bunch of randoms on Yahoo, no offense.

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  • 1 month ago
    Favorite Answer found the computer at a goodwill.  That means, literally nobody in the world cared about the computer, or the contents of the computer.  Through a series of deaths, the computer changed hands until it ended up with somebody who had no use for either the computer itself, OR the files it contained.  That person cared so little for the computer (and the files) that they didn't even want to be bothered to try to sell the computer.  So it ended up at goodwill, as it was something they just wanted to dispose of, QUICK.  

    I know it might be sad to think that nobody cares about the files related to the original owner of the computer, which would imply that nobody cared about the original owner, a human being.  But here's the deal...

    Files can be copied.  So seeing the files on the imac does not suggest that the files ONLY exist on the imac.  It's possible somebody already copied the files to the cloud or to another imac or to a windows PC (most likely possibility) or even an external hard drive.  Even if you are in a hurry to get rid of a computer, you at least go through it to see if there are any files you need to save.  It's guaranteed that anybody who would care about the files has a copy of the files that they care about.  

    The other possibility (and this is more logical, so it probably happened just like this) is that there is literally NOBODY still alive on this planet who would give a crap about the pictures and videos you discovered.  

    Use common sense for a moment...

    If somebody cared about the copies of the pictures and videos that were on that particular iMac G3...

    Then there is no way that you would be the legal owner of that particular iMac G3 with those files on it.

    Just wipe the drive, dude...

  • 1 month ago

    My stepdad felt strange getting the blood glucose meter that my grandpa owned when he died. It does feel strange.

    The only thing about owning something that was owned by someone who died is that the curse might be upon you that she has up until you destroy that item. 

  • 1 month ago

    If you say so...................

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Password protected, but you saw the pictures.  Yeah, sure.  

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  • 1 month ago

    Buy and install a new hard drive for the Mac.

    When you boot, it should see there is no hard drive with the Mac OK on it and then install a copy of the OS onto the new hard drive using Apple's Internet Recovery option.

    This video should help

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