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Stanley asked in SportsBaseball · 1 month ago

what is the cheapest sports card grading service. not gma. Thanks?

2 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    You don't want the cheapest. If you have decent cards, it would be the worst mistake you can make. The marketplace does not recognize the lesser companies.  PSA and SGC, while more expensive, are the way to go.  Beckett's BGS service is recognized for modern cards, but except for their grades of Pristine, PSA has an edge over them as far as resale value.

    But I do not like Beckett and here is why.  There is ONE set of grading standards.  PSA and SGC use ONE set of grading standards. Beckett uses two and some would say three.

    There is BGS, which is closest to PSA and SGC.  But there is also BVG, for vintage cards.  Whether or not there is some relaxation of standards as far as assigning a number grade for those older cards, what is far more important is the PERCEPTION that there is a somewhat relaxed standard for older cards - along the lines of 'it's excellent for its age'.  Age should not be a factor, Mint is Mint no matter how old a card is, which is why Mint older cards are so scarce and expensive. And like it or not, deserved or not, the marketplace prices BVG lower in the same number grades as PSA and SGC.

    Lastly there is the joke called BCCG.  That is Beckett's 'economy' service.  Their 9 on a 10 point scale is 'Near Mint or better'.  Well, with everybody else, Near Mint is a 7.  And the marketplace prices BCCG 9 cards at PSA/SGC 7 or sometimes 8 prices.

    So why bother with this to save a couple of dollars per card?  Go with the best, not the cheapest.  In the long run, the cheap is expensive.

  • 1 month ago

    I only have experience with PSA, Beckett and SGC.  Out of those 3, SGC is usually the cheapest but all the companies have recently upped the pricing as they are all flooded these days. 

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