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If Hitler was trying to blockade Britian and a blockade overthrew The Kasier why wouldn't a blockade work on japan?

It worked in the civil war and many other places 


Hind sight 20/20 

Update 2:

Japan is a bunch of islands and they were importing oil for the Solomon islands 

Oil oil oil oil planes don't fly ships don't sail if you have no oil 

5 Answers

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    The bombs put an immediate end to the war. Your suggestion would have added yrs. to the war which would have added millions of dollars to the cost (not your money though, right? ... lol). The bombs were already paid for.  And, their use speaks to no WW3. You're trying to debate against what worked w/ something of an unknowable result ... that's nuts.

  • Lv 6
    1 month ago

    Blockades were what lured Japan to the United States where they were lied to about being able to buy oil - and this is what provoked the attack on Pearl Harbor.

    It was a carefully orchestrated plan by Roosevelt to get involved in the war in Europe. Initially, Congress wouldn't support the United States getting into the war in Europe (a war FDR helped setup) because the US had nothing at stake in it.

    The only way to force their hand was to bring the war to the United States via the back door - to provoke an attack on Pearl Harbor.

    He set up blockades around the Pacific theater and then lured Japan to the United States as the only country that would sell them much-needed oil. Then at the last minute, Roosevelt changed the rules, requiring Japan to purchase a license to buy the oil - but refused to sell the licenses.

    The offer from the United States was Japan's only chance to survive the war and Roosevelt ripped the rug out from underneath them.

    The attack on Pearl Harbor was a retaliatory attack for being lied to and manipulated.

    Because Roosevelt provoked the attack as a way to get Congressional approval to go to war in Europe, this was an act of treason. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    The United States did issue the Export Control Act in 1940 because of the activities of Imperial Japan in Manchuria, which eventually developed into a full-on embargo. Due to the fact that Japan heavily relied on imports, and imports were being bottle-necked, Japan found itself at an ultimatum: to pull out of Manchuria and resume normal trade with US and other trade allies, or to launch a full-scale war. With the emergence of other imperial powers in Europe, Japan formed other alliances and settled on war.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    All I can say is that your ignorance is pathetic. Blockade Japan with what, from where, and supported how? The military resources didn't exist, and what did exist in naval terms was devastated in December 1941. The British and Americans lost their battleships. They lacked large numbers of submarines. They had few aircraft carriers, they lost all of their important bases. 

    The distances were vast. Japan had ringed itself with heavily defended islands. The strategic situation didn't allow any sort of effective, long-term blockade. It was impossible, and your reference to WWI and the [presumably] American Civil War is irrelevant because air power didn't exist then and Japan had plenty of it to dissuade any attempt at a blockade. 

    One has to wonder why you're blathering about the Solomons. The Solomon Island group was just one tiny part of  Japanese Empire and the oil consumed by their forces in that area was a drop in the bucket compared to their use of oil across the whole of the western Pacific and  Asia. Yes, they were oil poor in 1941 but they solved that problem very quickly by taking over the oil fields in Java, Sumatra, Borneo and other places that gave them vast reserves. It would take almost the entire war for the allies to take them back.  One reason - England, Russia and the U.S. decided on a Germany-first policy.

    I suggest that you educate yourself so that you don't sound like a Dumbass with a capitral D like you almost always do.  Almost everything you could want to know is all right here on the internet.

    p.s. it's spelled KAISER dummkopf

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  • 1 month ago

    Are you referring to WWII? The U.S. began the war in the Pacific from a position of weakness and it took the first couple of years to build back a strike capability, but never had sufficient ships to do a blockade and for what? Japan wasn't importing from others via ocean distribution channels.

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