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Anonymous asked in HealthMen's Health · 1 month ago

How much can I expect to grow while on testosterone (FTM)?

I just turned 15 and I've been on blockers, but I'm about ready to start taking T. 

I kinda had a bit of a growth spurt these past couple years and my parents/doctors wanted me to wait a bit to take testosterone so I could grow a bit more, but then they also say that I could still grow while on T?? I guess it really depends on my growth plates right? I've been really reading up on this and asking them lots of questions. I just want to hear some other answers. Any info would be appreciated.

Doctor said I'm not done growing yet and could even except to grow 2 more inches. I'm 5'7" as of right now. My sisters in my family are 5'9", 5'7" and 5'5". My parents are both 5'9". People say I look like a mix of my parents. Sorry all of this info may be irrelevant and useless, but thought it was helpful to get a sense of how tall ppl are in my family. 

So is it possible that I could reach 5'9" or even 5'10?" What do you guys think? 

How much growth can happen on T and for someone in my situation who's been on blockers? 


maybe I should ask this in LGBTQ but wasn't sure...

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  • 1 month ago
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    Honestly, I think you're better off following your doctors advice and/or maybe finding a support group that is tailored to help people in your "unique" position.

    You really need to find someone trustworthy to whom you can easily turn to with your concerns. Random people on the internet may try to take advantage of you or steer you in wrong or dangerous directions.

    (this even happens to people who are not in "unique" positions)

  • 1 month ago

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