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Anonymous asked in HealthDiet & Fitness · 1 month ago

will losing excess weight cause a mild hernia to disappear? are these normal to appear when gain extra weight? ?

if just a very small hernia, but definitely can see it bulge out at times (it is actually in my pelvic region and i am a male. so i dont know how normal this is to have, but it is on the right side and directly underneath my belly and over my penis . so is this a typical area to develop one? how serious and how losing 50 lb. of excess weight might make it disappear entirely?


also, i noticed that it comes and goes. like sometimes it is not there when i look and other times it this just due to tension, strain? would maybe laying on my side while on the sofa and or in bed a lot while viewing laptop maybe cause this bulging to occur and is actually pretty normal if do so and slightly overweight?

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago
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    Hernia i a serious issue. I not sure how dropping 50 pound will make it "disappear". Loosing weight will help lessen the pressure. You still need to have it corrected. There is no home therapy for this. You do know what a hernia is? And how dangerous it can get? I knew someone who passed away in december do to complications of a double hernia. And it was actually small for the first 8 months. Kept putting it off. Well it got worse and than well. Lets say he had a ad last few days before expiring.

    FYI get it looked at ad taken care of. I am sure you do not want infections or serious health complications.

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