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Trouble Focusing?

I have trouble focusing on work and studying. It doesn't matter if I am stressed or not. I am a university student, and I cannot pay attention in class (in person or online). When doing my own studies at home, I cannot get through any assignment, readings, notes, videos, etc. I tend to get distracted after 30 seconds to a couple of minutes of attempted studying and will wander off to do something else or fidget around with stuff, or even mess around on my phone. 

I keep trying to set "trap" or "reward" systems to try to build better habits to help me stay focused. I look at my GPA, which is decent, but I want so hard to focus and increase it. I cannot stay focused on tasks. Tasks that should be quick and simple take me several hours or days to complete. I have to read and reread, and cannot retain any information, whatsoever. This has happened ever since elementary school, and it is only getting worse. I am almost 29.

I was thinking about maybe seeing some sort of psychologist, and was wondering if anyone has some sort of advice as to what kind of psychologist to see and what to ask/seek?

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  • Kate
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    1 month ago
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    So as a RN, the symptoms you described 

    sounds a lot like ADD. I know personally 

    because I have it. There are medications to help with this. That being said, I would recommend seeing a psychiatrist to properly diagnose you. 

  • 1 month ago

    I can give you self-help advice that might help, but I can't say whether or not you might benefit from therapy. You can take a depression screening test online such as CESD R. 

    Teachers generally don't expect students to listen carefully to every word they say. It's expected that students will want to listen casually while pondering the lecture - how it relates to other things in the course, etc. Also it's natural for students to rest their minds occasionally, You want to know the cues your teacher uses to tell students to listen carefully - pauses, change of tone, or phrases like "To sum it up .." 

    If you read any study skills book you will learn about active listening. It's the opposite of passive listening. It's a questioning frame of mind and involvement in discussions. Best book for college students I know of is Complete Idiot's Guide to Study Skills. It tells you about this. I mention this and other things in this answer -

    There is evidence that learning mindfulness helps students to stay focused doing homework - dealing with distracting thoughts. How to learn here -

  • 1 month ago

    Youre going to have to clear your head before moving forward.

  • OTTO
    Lv 6
    1 month ago

    You are dissociating. May be result of childhood trauma. Try a psychotherapist. 

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