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? asked in Family & RelationshipsFriends · 2 months ago

Are these good gifts for my friend?

My best friend Melanie has cheap and basic tastes, in my opinion, as she likes things that are in my opinion, cheap, flashy and ugly.  I tried buying her a diamond white gold crucifix for her thirtieth birthday, but she prefers her cheap crystal silver plated crucifix.  I felt like I was wasting money on great gifts that she’d never appreciate.  So I started observing the sorts of cheap jewellery she likes to buy, the types of pants she likes to wear and what she likes to eat.  I came up with the idea of giving her a good pair of black denim jeans; and a cute and quirky folk art pot for her thirty first birthday.  A mint green koala throw blanket for Xmas and a chocolate sundae shaped cookie tin, filled with cookies.  Then for her birthday next year, 3 cute and quirky but cheap bracelets and a cute timeless silver plated choker necklace inside a pretty, glittery grey box with a bow on top of it that could be used as a jewellery box.  What do you think?  

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  • Audrey
    Lv 7
    2 months ago
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    Sounds nice. You put a lot of thought into it and i think she's gonna love it!

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