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Need help with Samsung Account?

Text support sucked and didn't make sense.

TL:DR at bottom

5 years ago when I got this phone, I used my school email for the Samsung Account. I also was dating this jerk back then, who made a password for my secure folder, put stuff in it, and I have no idea whats in it or the password, and neither does he. After graduating, the school deletes the email accounts, so I have no access to it. I don't know my password for my Samsung account and cannot reset, as I have no access to the email.

I've been having phone issues lately to keep it brief, and for space purposes want to delete my secure folder, which apparently is taking up 4GB. Can't delete without logging into Samsung.

Tried to remove Samsung account to just make a new one. Can't remove account without logging into Samsung. Texted support guy, was a little confusing, and asked how to make a new account, and said he was sending a link, but nothing was there. Asked if he forgot the link, and he said to copy and paste the above link (which didn't exist)

So I guess I'm a bit stumped. Any advice?

TLDR absolutely NO access to my email used for Samsung account, how can I delete Secure Folder without logging into it?

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