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What if the chance that if one or both my parents had Asperger's I also could have it ?

If my parents hypothetically had Asperger, I would have a bigger shot to have it as well, my mother suspected I had Asperger after my dad, who was very explosive, but on the other hand, he would not hurt anyone.

Although my mother also had a passion for solitude and logical puzzles

Dad died in 2002 and my mother died in January 2017, when the Americans swore in Mr. Trump.

My mother had a specific sense of humor, she said that she was glad that we are Poles (Polacks from Poland)  and not Americans because Americans in 2016 had a shitty alternative, or the Botox lady Mrs Clinton .  that cannot control her husband to  not cheat on her, that if my dad pull on her such stunt on her she would leave his suitcases outside our apartment, and call Mr. Trump she called  Trumpolini, that he has theatrical facial expressions like Mussolini and he also behaves like that



Because it pisses me off that we, Poles, are slandered, when my family was at least fine for everyone, regardless of race and religion, my grandmother was beaten by the pre-war Polish ONR because they dared to work in a shop run by a Polish Jew, and my grandfather was a Home Army soldier and he killed Nazis and those who betrayed the hideout of the Jews and the Home Army

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    1 month ago
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    I suspect a licensed mental health professional could diagnose your specific problem.  Aspergers?  Possibly.  Something else?  Possibly.  The chances are good that you have SOME sort of problem. I've read your comments about Auschwitz.  I'm not sure that there isn't some sort of comprehension problem.

  • 1 month ago

    i think its possible but not necessarily, im an identical twin , my sister had schizophrenia all her life while i never got it and we had the same genes

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