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? asked in Entertainment & MusicMovies · 1 month ago

I'm trying to figure out the name of an older horror movie.?

Ok here's all the details i can remember, the genre might technically be science fiction but here it goes. The main character is a boy who's about to turn eighteen and it turns out every adult in his town is like infected by a parasite or something like that i don't thin it's like an invasion of the body snatchers type thing but i could be wrong, i also don't remember if it's alien or like something ancient  (there's a part where his mom gets cut and she bleeds green) anyway one of his friends finds out the truth and escapes and tries to warn him about what's going to happen that's all i can really remember. I can't remember if this has been happening in this town for a long time, or if it's something new or anything like that, my husband and I have watched so many horror movies they've started to blend together lol

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