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what should i do to help my sister with an inferiority complex and trust issues?

I experienced small scale bullying, torments, and trauma in primary school but that just made my goal bigger, my goal to become rich and to share my wealth with my family. I succeeded at everything I did but that ended up giving my half sister an inferiority complex. I love my sister very much and she does too but at some times I can tell she hates me. Due to some family issues on my dad's side and with my sister's mom the impression that everyone hated her and didn't love her was imprinted on her. Now no matter ho hard I, my dad, or my mom's family try to help her to get a better future she wont listen and is always saying the same thing to herself "I don't want to talk because nobody likes me they all have given up on me". We are both in our second year of high school she really needs to shape up but how do get the message through to her, I'm almost fed up with her stupid mentality.

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    It's really nice you want to help her, but it won't work.  Things get complex in blended families, and odds are very high she has some serious damage from her mom.  Even though you're siblings, her world is very different than yours and this started at a very young age.  I'm sure it's frustrating, but it's also true that her self esteem issues are deeply ingrained.  Has your dad gotten her into counseling?  It's kind of puzzling if he hasn't, because this type of thing is almost never solved by family members.  She needs someone to help her sort through the damage from her early childhood.

  • Pearl
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    maybe she needs to get some counseling

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