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Danielle asked in PetsDogs · 2 months ago

Is this what happens with teacup puppies? :(?

I saw this video on Facebook and it was suppose to be a teacup french bulldog it looks so sickly it’s eyes bulging out of its head. Poor thing. It’s put me off looking for teacup puppies now. I can’t believe people breed them like that! I’m so glad I didn’t breed or buy a pomsky in the end. I see they are just marketing ploy. Just look at this poor thing :( 

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  • 1 month ago

    • "Is this what happens with teacup puppies? :(?"

    😝 Sadly often. It certainly happens to many of the brachycephalic breeds' failures.

    😝 Sadly, too many people who own web-sites DON'T know how to punctuate breed names - so that one got right ONLY the 2 names that have just 1 word each - the other 3 breed-names are mis-typed.

    💀 In addition, NO-ONE who aims to produce "teacup" (which initially means "small enough to fit inside a teacup", but secondly means "too small to live a satisfying life") creatures loves their creature as a CREATURE - the most they love is (1) the money paid by ignorant idiots and/or (2) the novelty of what THEIR OWN ignorance sees as "cuteness" or "being special" instead of as CRUEL DEFORMITY.

    • "I saw this video on Facebook and it was suppose❌ to be ❌ a teacup ❌french ❌bulldog❌"


    👧LEARN to CHECK and CORRECT your typing before posting it. Your line SHOULD BE:

    ◘ "I saw this video on Facebook and it was supposed to be about a teacup French Bulldog●"

    I'll let you mentally sort out the punctuation & missing-word reasons for each of my ❌s in your next bit.

    👧LEARN that you CAN'T change ANYTHING in a question you have already posted. You must check BEFORE clicking to Post.

    • "❌it looks so sickly it❌’s eyes ❌ bulging out of its head. Poor thing. It’s put me off looking for teacup puppies now. I can’t believe people ❌ breed them like that! I’m so glad I didn’t breed or buy a ❌pomsky in the end. I see ❌ they are just ❌ marketing ploy. Just look at this poor thing :( "

    I'd rather NOT, thanks! (But did, to make sure....)

    You have so far asked 6 questions in 5 months - but NOT ONCE completed your task ❗️

    👧LEARN:   If the question was WORTH asking, you OWE the most helpful of the answerers the satisfaction of being awarded the "Favourite Answer" points. Usually a good question will receive enough sensible answers for you to make your choice during the first week. NEVER wait longer than 2 weeks before making that choice.

    As a bonus: Each time you reward the best answerer you also reward yourself by being "refunded" 3 of the 5 points it "costs" you to ask a question here. But so far you have failed to make ANYONE happier, AND so have deprived yourself of 18 points.

    Accept that this CoViD-19 period is NOT the time to get a pup - ESPECIALLY NOT a pup you know NOTHING worth-while about, during the 2 or 3 years of deaths & "lock-downs" it will take for enough people to be vaccinated & then (about 2 weeks later) become immune to this virus as well as to the viruses you were (I hope!) vaccinated against while you were a baby and a junior-schooler, and so most of the training clubs & groups are also shut down. You quite possibly should not be allowed ANY dog at your present address & age.

    Think about your answers to this sample of the questions I ask before allowing people to see MY litters, and expect to be asked before other people allow me to see THEIR litter.

    💥Q1: Do you own your own home? If not, do you have your landlord's written permission to keep THIS kind of dog on HIS/HER property? And to bring it inside in good weather?

    💥Q2: Can you stay home 24/7 for the first 3 weeks, observing Pup 100% (so no computer, no e-mails, no home-work, no house-work, no phone-calls, no shopping, no tv, no videos) while it is awake,helpingit toliem U trust you, while you learn it's signal for "Wanna go TOILET!" so you can promptly pick Pup up, talk happily to it while carrying it to the designated toilet area, put it down there then stand boringly still & silent while it remembers what it wanted to do so DOES it? (Whereupon you praise & reward it!)

    💥Q3: After that, on your busiest days how long will Pup be home alone while you are at a party or school or shopping or sport or work? WHERE will it be during those hours?

    💥Q4: Does your home have a back door that opens straight into a securely fenced back yard?

    💥Q5: Do you have transport to take you & Pup to:  ⚡️(a) the vet for health checks plus the CORE vaccinations within a day of Pup reaching 8, 12, and 16 weeks old (you probably live where other injections are needed as well, for such as heartworm and Lyme Disease and rabies);  ⚡️(b) to a weekly dog-training club or group for about a year, starting when Pup is 18-to-22 weeks old, so YOU get COACHED on how to train your dog, and IT gets used to paying attention regardless ofwhat other dogs & people are doing;  ⚡️(c) to beach and grassy areas where, you holding its leash, it can lead you along interesting to IT scent trails?

    💥Q6: What BREED or breed-mix appeals to you? WHY does it appeal to you? What FUNCTIONS do you want it to (once it is a trained adult) perform for you?

    💥Q7: Which GENDER do you prefer? Will you have it neutered once it is old enough (12+months for Toy breeds; 18-to-24 months for most "working" breeds; 24 months or older for giant breeds), or - if it is a BREED and registered with your nation's ONE internationally accepted kennel club (if you're in the USA, only the AKC counts) do you want to breed from it once it has gained 🔸very good results at championship shows, has received 🔸official Pass certifciates for Hip Dysplasia, Elbow Dysplasia, and whatever other genetic problems are recommended before breeding from that breed, and 🔸earned one or more training qualifications appropriate to its breed?

    As you tell us nothing about YOUR age, I would also NEED to ask something like:

    💥Q8: Will you be going to a boarding school or a university, or going overseas for experience, in the next 10 to 15 years? If so, IN WHICH calender years would you be living AWAY FROM from your current home?

    Kreaky Kiwi - first pup in 1950, GSD trainer & breeder as of Easter 1968

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  • ?
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    The only people who breed "teacup" anything are those using their animals to make a fast buck.  They care nothing for the animals or the breed and they will not provide necessary care for the animals.  They are scam artists. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    It’s not normal for breeders to have their pups come down with hydrocephalus, but that, premature pups, pups that have birth defects etc can happen in any litter, but the teacup breeds are more noticeable simply because there are not ten to fifteen pups coming but only one, two or three, simply because there’s no room for the pups like a Labrador, great d@ne, German Shepard etc does.

    Many specialty pups are born cesarean with the vets help because moms birth canal is too narrow for the pups to exit, that’s why bulldogs or tiny teacups usually need vet help to whelp.

    Besides this type of defect, short or missing limbs are possible, cleft palates and numerous problems can happen at birth that were never detected.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Danielle, this is NOTHING but one more of your "look at me!" posts.  This is in the same category as breeding very large dogs with very small dogs.  This is in the same category as you being a backyard breeder.  More of your "look at me mentality."  I came to the conclusion you JUST reached many years ago.  You are busy condemning OTHER breeders.  What about the people who believed you and bred large dogs with miniature dogs?  Are you responsible for that?

  • 2 months ago

    Yes, teacup dogs are just mutations with all kinds of health problems.

  • 2 months ago

    Sick swine send them through the mail  

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