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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicMusicRap and Hip-Hop · 1 month ago

should i stop listening to hip hop?

i just had a big spiritual awakening. this whole music industry i misleading and demonic. the powers that be have been controlling these artists. maybe i should stop listening to mainstream music period. just listen to very local rappers who are talented. every artist who's signed and in the limelight sold their soul.

new rappers are more obvious in showing their allegiance to satan like cardi b, trippie red, lil uzi, etc etc. old school rappers wasn't as obvious about it, but they're no different. everyone know jay z is possessednas too. if nas was a real man and was righteous, he would've never associated himself with that sell out. i think he signed to def jam when jay was president!

kendrick's in the same group as a absoul. ab soul worships aleister crowley the luciferian. i thought TDE was official but they no different than the rest. they all controlled.

even tupac was an actor getting his strings pulled by the puppets masters who keep the masses enslaved. i won't go too deep about Pac here.

 i can never look at these people the same again. it's a bit hard to quit listening to music all together. i would always have

 my earphones in. i could vibe with their shiit.. i liked the message that some gave. I liked a lot of the trap songs and could get litty to it... it's deeper than that tho. when i see what it took for all of them to get to where they at by signing that blood contract and when i see who's side they're really on, i have to reevaluate what i'm tuning into.

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    Consider the line between why certain music entertains you versus what it means to you. A lot of music genres have negative, debaucherous, and other controversial content. It is true it affects all of us on some level. But it doesn't mean it will drive everyone to that lifestyle or environment.

    Part of why Hip Hop is "sick" is because the US is sick. We're approaching record income inequality, discrimination is still a problem for many (classism included), and we're in the midst of serious health crisis. The inner city life isn't always pretty, and it was much worse before. A lot of rappers grew up poor only to run into big money quickly. A lot of people arguably emulate these rappers. There's all kinds of country songs about a dude getting money, buying a truck, guns, getting drunk, etc... It's basically the same thing.

    Singing and rapping about positivity alone isn't going to make those things go away. It's of course important for parents and adults to be positive role models to impressionable children who will likely listen to music with these messages. But whether or not one can relate to or be inspired by something they listen to is still subjective. You can't blame Hip Hop (Heavy Metal, whatever) for every person that turned out to be a troublemaker. Is it a factor for some? Sure. But we are molded into who we are by many factors. 

    Is the music really going to damn you? 

    If you continue on this road: I would consider other genres first. There are many songs and genres without lyrics. There's also religious versions of Hip Hop available if that's your thing. You have many options. 

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