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Need a accurate job title for this, nothing to fancy but to the point?

Licensed medical lab tech with at least a bachelors degrees in molecular biology, biomedical science, etc. Needs to have experience

Everything below can be entry-level:Certified Azure AI Engineer Associate. This basically means using Microsoft’s AI service APIs. Some coding may be required but this person won’t be a full blown data scientist or ML engineer.Can create AI-powered healthcare apps using Microsoft tools that connect to the previously mentioned Microsoft AI services. 

Some ideas I had and why I didn’t use them yet:

“Healthcare App Developer” Doesn’t emphasize the AI part

“Medical AI Engineer” sounds too close to a data scientist rather than a cloud practitioners.

Any ideas that reflect what this role does? Do the ones I mentioned above work just fine?

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    "Unicorn" would be the best job title for what you posted.  Seriously.  You're asking for someone with experience in two different professions.

    What you likely need is an "Experienced Mobile App Developer."  A developer's job is to listen to their employer/client, understand exactly what they need and deliver it.

    Source(s): Self. Software developer with 22 years professional experience including technical hiring.
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