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Anonymous asked in Society & CultureReligion & Spirituality · 1 month ago

Can I share a recent accomplishment ?

So for months i’ve been struggling with a roach and moth infestation. I live with my mother and she is a slob, she’ll cook whole meals and leave everything out for days. Every weekend she brings her grand children over and they’re 10x worst than her. We had an infestation so bad that you would see roaches frolicking around in the middle if the day! If you set food on the counter you would have to get ready for baby roaches to try to crawl on your food. Even the dishwasher and shower was infested! 

So in January I decided to start cleaning up after my mom and her grandkids to try to see if that will slow the spread. I tried all sorts of home made remedies for the roaches which did not help. Finally I bought 9 roach bombs and bombed the house last Sunday. It took me until this Thursday to finish cleaning the house and re organize and sanitize the shelves. It is now Friday and I have only seen one baby roach, no moths no adult roaches. I can finally open the dishwasher and cabinets without needing a slipper! 

I’m so happy because I did it all by myself! We have actually been struggling with roaches on and off in this house for 20 years and I finally have control over it! Now the only thing that sucks is that my mother won’t stop her slobbish ways and i’m having to play Cinderella ):

Thanks for reading 

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    1 month ago

     Capture a shrew and let it lose in your home and you will have no roaches or mice in a short while... they can eat twice their bodyweight of either every 24 /7

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