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Can I get an honest assessment of my work?

I've shot some videos at my job. I work in a factory full-time. Recently, I was out for surgery recovery, and had a chance to look over my old videos. I thought to myself 'You know, for a rank amateur, these aren't bad...' Just the cinematic sense I have from a lifetime of watching TV and movies, I guess. Except for one person, everyone in these vids are co-workers from the factory I recruited at the last minute. I wrote the scripts, shot, directed, edited, did the effects, EVERYTHING myself. They were seen once at work at assemblies...and that's it. I put some up on Youtube to preserve them. I'd really appreciate some honest opinions from people. Do I have what it takes to go into amateur film production full-time? 

p.s. -they're all short. Less than 20 minutes

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    No, you cannot.

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