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why didn't they say it back?

Told my aunt "love you" after giving a birthday wish to them but they just said "thank you". Why didn't she say it back?


I've never really had any issues with them and she said it back to my sister when she also said "I love you".

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago
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    A lot of people don't like responding to "love you" with "love you" because saying it back seems like an inauthentic, canned response, feels disingenuous. Also, some people feel manipulated by someone saying it out of the blue, manipulated into making an emotional statement that they're uncomfortable making. That doesn't necessarily mean the person doesn't love you but that they don't like saying it, a primary reason people don't like saying it being that they think talk is cheap and love is expressed through action, not words that can be hollow and that anyone can say at the drop of a hat, the proof of love being in the pudding, not in the saying. 

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