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Anonymous asked in SportsFootballEnglish Football · 1 month ago

The team has turned Anfields legacy into a joke now,  129 years ago we last lost 5 at home in the league?

sad state of affairs what can I say.


why are peoples names appearing as '?'   ?

I'd rather Klopp stayed.  He's only just got started, he'd be mad to leave so quickly given what hes built here at LFC.

I see us winning another Premier Little or two under Jurgen,  in fact I smell some European Success too most likely Europa or even Champions League.

If he had to go, I'd welcome the messiah and legend himself,  Steven Gerrard to take over the helm from JK.

Update 2:

BUT - I think Jurgen will want to have another go winning the Premier League,  as I'm sure the players will want to win the league again for their manager and fans.

too bad there aren't any in the stands though lol

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  • ?
    Lv 4
    1 month ago

    The sad part I have to say is not having enough quality backup in defensive positions, maybe not VVD quality, but neither do arguably hardly any other team in the EPL, and they don't go losing 5 straight at home. So who knows now, how much of a difference it could of made, the other worrying thing is I keep hearing Salah linked with Real.

  • 1878
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    6 in a row now.

  • 1 month ago

    I think I'm right in saying it's about the worst title defense in Premier league history since Blackburn in 95/96. They finished 7th ha ha!

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You should have waited til after the Fulham game......  Oh dear. 


    Liverpool FC ... the friendly club? Share the love? 

    They might make a good American football team though judging by that last tackle 😉

    You know that thing about parachute payments. Does that kick in if the team drops down the league like they've jumped out of an aeroplane without one? 


    Btw if that's Maggie down there with the encouraging words can I be your friend too? ☺ 

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  • Ryan
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    You Liverpool fans I can't believe it you won your first league title in 30 years and now you're all mopey! 

    Look it is a bad season and yes I think the players should be doing better despite the injuries. But you have a title winning team and a champions league winning team you've a team full of great players . Just take this season for what it is but enjoy being a Liverpool fan I don't think your best days are over yet. 

    Rumour is Klopp will leave for the Germany job after the euros and Liverpool will approach Stevie G. A lot of people saying Gerrard isn't ready but I think he is. Doing well at Rangers seems to have put belief into the players they're going to win the league, doing well in Europe, why not give Gerrard a go? There's not much he can learn more up in Scotland so he's due a move away from there anyway. If he is offered the job I think he should take it I've seen enough of him at Rangers to think he could turn things around at Liverpool. 

    I suppose you could say his Gers team have his spirit. Look at the midfielders he could coach at Liverpool. Henderson, who he won the league cup with as a player, Fabinho, Thiago, Keita, Wijnaldum if he stays, Milner if he stays, local boy Curtis Jones who is a great young player. In attack Salah, Firmino. Jota, Mane. Goal Alisson. Defenders when they are all back fit Van Dijk, Gomez, Matip, Davies, Williams, Phillips, Kabak if he stays. Full backs another local lad in TAA and Robertson who was the best left back in the world only like a year ago. 

    And let me remind you Gerrard actually coached a lot of your young boys Kelleher, both Williams lads, Jones and a few other guys on the fringes like Luis Longstaff. 

    What do you think Aces would you take Gerrard next season if Klopp departs? 

  • Adam
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    It's a bad season. I hate to say this but Klopps final couple of years at Dortmund come to mind. If he can turn it around next season then all is forgotten. However defending the title was always going to be harder than winning it and Liverpool are finding that out this season. You've got a good side and will challenge again. Whether under Klopp or someone else.

  • 1 month ago

    Never seen it this bad, there wasn’t a second the other day when it seemed like anything but a Chelsea win was possible. There’s no way this can be fully blamed on injuries because the usual attackers are all there and it’s still crap. This season is a complete write off, might as well throw in the towel on the league and just go for CL.

  • 1 month ago

    Not sure what your referring to ''129 years ago we last lost 5 at home in the league''

    1892/93 Lancashire league you only lost 3 all season finishing top and promoted to Division 2.

    1893/94 you went unbeaten so had a play-off with the bottom of Division 1 non other than Newton Heath(Man Utd's original name)you won 2-0.

    The game was played at Ewood Park(neutral venue) in front of 5000 and Liverpool played in blue and white halves kit a Blackburn Replica.

    Blackburn are in freefall at the moment I wouldn't mind starting again tier 3 post-covid fans back through the turnstyles again. It's like during WW2 when they played a shadow competition.

    I heard L/pool lost more times at home since Biden became President(33 days) in the whole of Trumps/Jimmy Carters terms combined. 5 to 4 something like that but don't quote me on that Ha Ha.

  • The sad part i have to say is not having enough quality backup in defensive positions, maybe not VVD quality, but neither do arguably hardly any other team in the EPL, and they don't go losing 5 straight at home...So who knows now, how much of a difference it could of made, the other worrying think is i keep hearing Salah linked with Real...someone i know sees him leaving and us getting Rafinha in his place, rather just keep Salah to be honest..anyway least Alison is getting some confidence back


  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Now's the time for you to step in and take over Jurgen's job. You know you want to.

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