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Any news from health officials when will exactly this covid be over because it’s been a year right now?

I need evrbodys attention cuz the sooner it spreads quickIy the sooner it gets to u we rlly need to take it seriously. Do as the officials says cuz if u want ur loved ones even older ppl like ur grandparents to die from it cuz some u all werent listening to the doctors and nurses 

thats on u. So take the same precautions that u’d take to avoid case of flu. Do not touch ur hands to ur face eyes nose and mouth unless u have recently washed them. Carry as many supply of hand sanitizers as u can and use before u eat out. Keep ur mask on when u r out in public and at work cuz it is very important to stop the spread. Do as u listen what the professionals say or things cant be done even services r being halted stores cant get their products banks have closed and stopped many services. Keep washing ur hands (20 seconds) and generally stay home if we can. The more we do those things the faster it will go away and everything will be back to normal as long as u follow our health guidelines. Restaurants parks concerts theaters bars anywhere we go family gatherings even holidays. CALL ur primary care physician or health practitioner so they will discuss all ur symptoms how u think u were exposed and any other medical conditions u may have and determine whether u should be tested and or seen in a office. Stay in and stay healthy and take care. U r not stuck at home u r safe at home. If u r reading this copy and paste post others ur loved ones friends relatives even older relatives

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  • 2 months ago
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    an article in the Wall Street Journal in mid-February written by a high profile surgeon says that pandemic should be over April.  Let's hope he is correct.

    It's based on the t-cell b-cell changes - which are memory cells that occur with covid but also with other common colds.  By April 65% of the population in the US will have these memory cell changes and there will no longer be enough people who haven't had the memory cell changes to transmit the disease.

    The Moderna & Pfizer vaccines do not create the memory cell changes

    J&J vaccine does.

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