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Anonymous asked in HealthWomen's Health · 1 month ago

Has anyone had high risk hpv, High grade dysplasia and a pelvic scan showing thick lining of the uterus? ?

Hi I have recently had a test of cure smear following third time of severe abnormal cells, had a third loop in July 2020 the test of cure smear show again high risk hpv and high grade dysplasia, which is 4th time of severe abnormal cells, had some biopsies taken just over a week ago, awaiting results and to be discussed in MDT meeting, on the  colposcopy I had last week when the biopsies was taken the nurse said I couldn’t have a fourth loop as my cervix are too short now they are flush with vaginal wall, and that I would be discussed in MDT meeting to see where to go next along with biopsy results, also during the colposcopy last week it was said that I had traces of CIN1 at the opening of what’s left of my cervix and the DYSIS (colposcopy biopsy machine) was high grade. I received a phone call 2 days ago to from ultrasound so say they had a request sent through to them for me to have a pelvic scan which was today, I attended the scan and the sonographer said that the lining of my uterus is thicker than they would like and asked how I was going to recieve my results from the scan of the nurse was going to get in contact with me, I’ve had 6 children and also been sterilised 5 years ago too, had anyone else had any of these problems and what did they have done? I havnt been told much just to await results. 

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